Building Materials: Concrete silo built-in steel, cement, gravel

Building Height:Can Be over 40m

Storage purpose:It is used in the coal mines, thermopower, metallurgy, building materials, grain, and other industrial systems.

moisture-proof waterproof effect is good

The concrete silo uses commonly more than 50 years, maintenance costs very little.

Silo Types

Silo System

Industry Solution


The silo constructed with cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure is a traditional and mature silo type.

  • Durable, long service life, generally more than 50 years;
  • Small area and high land utilization rate;
  • The thick silo wall, the heat insulation and heat preservation performance are good, and the material is less affected by the external temperature difference, so it is suitable for long-term storage;
  • It can realize self-discharge, most of the bulk materials can flow into the vehicle by their own gravity, reduce equipment loss and save power cost;
  • It is convenient for mechanized loading and unloading, saving manpower and management cost;
  • Less maintenance and low maintenance cost


Compared with the rectangular silo, the circular silo has the advantages of suitable size, clear force structure of the silo body, simple design structure, and convenience for continuous construction by sliding mold. Therefore, circular silos are more widely used.

Storage purpose:It is used in the coal mine, thermopower, metallurgy, building materials, grain and other industrial systems.

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