Analysis on influencing factors of steel frame designing in dust filter of cement steel silo

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Through the analysis of the working principle of the equipment and a large number of engineering practices, it is found that the dust collector will have an influence on the design and use of the steel silo and the attached steel structure.

First, the dust filter is large weight. Generally, according to the difference between the volume and model of the silo, the weight of the dust filter is from a few tons to several tens of tons, which has a greater impact on the silo top and the local silo wall load. During design, we can use the way of branch point converted into a concentrated load. Secondly, the dust collector in the course of the use will generate a certain frequency of vibration, during design, should consider the movement load. At the same time, the long-term using may cause steel Fatigue damage, affecting the using performance. At last, generally, the dust collector does not layout in the center of the silo layout, therefore, thus, under the action of wind load and seismic load, the dust filter will generate the eccentric bending moment to the supporting steel frame and silo. The stability of the supporting steel frame will be affected so that the connecting part between the roof and the warehouse will bear the big pulling effect.

According to the production process of steel silo and the force-bearing characteristics, the roof can only withstand the normal maintenance load, can not withstand the larger concentrated load. Therefore, need to design the silo attached steel structure to change the concentrated load into the uniform (distributed) load and pass it to the silo wall, then reduce the concentrated load to the silo top. Especially, the silo top dust filter and the attached steel structure on the silo top, which is with a large height difference and impacted by more load factors, so should be carefully considered and design. The main factors affecting the design of the steel structure for dust collectors are wind load, power, and its fatigue, and seismic load. Besides, the connection parts of the steel silo and steel frame are special, so during the design, should also increase the clip quantity, to ensure the dust collector steel frame has greater reliability and stability.

Although the dust collector steel frame is not a large steel structure, it has a greater impact on steel silo safety, which should be given the appropriate attention during design.