Electronic Truck Scale Weighing System

The electronic truck scale is mainly composed of a weighing platform, weighing sensor, connector, limiting device, weighing display instrument, cable, and junction box. It can also be equipped with a printer, computer, large screen display, regulated power supply, and power surge, and other external equipment to form a perfect system.

  1. Digital load cell adopts digital technology, which can automatically compensate temperature coefficient, nonlinearity, hysteresis, and creep;
  2. The instrument adopts a dot-matrix LCD large screen display, English menu prompt, user-friendly operation, rich functions, strong storage function.
  3. The whole truck scale system has strong environmental adaptability, superior metering performance, high accuracy, good long-term stability, and convenient installation, debugging, and maintenance.


Chip Load Cell

By measuring the deformation of the support structure of the silo, the chip-type load cell can obtain the linear change of the internal weight of the silo. As long as the two sensors are fixed on the support structure of the silo by bolts, it can become a weighing system.

  1. It is easy to install and can be directly applied to the existing support legs of the storage silo. Simple installation method by anchor bolts, no need to use special installation tools;
  2. The performance is reliable, an average non-failure time is more than 60 years;
  3. Low cost, chip load cell system can use the existing silo structure, no need for specially designed installation position, and no need for other special protection devices;
  4. Convenient maintenance, no need to empty the silo or terminate production during maintenance.


Material Weighing Module

The weighing sensor is supported on the silo to measure the weight of the materials in the silo. It is converted into a digital display through an intelligent instrument to display the weight and material level and output the relevant high and low material level signals for control and display.

  1. Using a high-precision weighing sensor, the measurement reliability is high;
  2. Simple installation, which can be easily installed on the round and square silo and tank;
  3. The organic combination of fixed, semi-floating, and floating installation structures;
  4. No maintenance and long service life


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