Radar Level Meter

  1. Small beam angle, concentrated energy, stronger anti-jamming ability, high measurement accuracy, and reliability;
  2. The measurement blind area is smaller and the wavelength is shorter, which can be used in various complex conditions;
  3. The antenna is small in size, easy to install, durable, and maintenance-free;
  4. Non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution. The high-frequency radar level meter can be selected according to the needs of the project, and the transmitting frequency is up to 26ghz, which increases the measuring distance and accuracy, and can carry out signal analysis at a higher rate. Siemens, e + H, and other brand products can be selected according to the owner's requirements.


3d Material Level Meter

The 3D level monitoring system is based on the radar material location scanner, its working principle is to use multi-point radar to scan the bulk materials pile, access to material surface two-dimensional contour, digital signal transmission through the RS485 to enterprise cloud 3D material level measuring system, software are processing the data and getting visualization of 3D holographic image formation, calculate the high and low level, volume, weight and other parameters of the silo. The technology can be used to monitor the level and quantity of all kinds of material in silos. The 3D level meter is accurate and reliable, with online monitoring, remote monitoring, level visualization, real-time inventory, intelligent alarm, and other functions.


Radio Frequency Admittance Material Level Meter

The so-called radio frequency admittance can be understood as measuring admittance with high-frequency radio waves.

When the instrument works, the sensor of the instrument forms the admittance value with the wall and the measured medium.

When the material level changes, the admittance value changes accordingly. The circuit unit converts the measured admittance value into the material level signal output to realize the material level measurement.

Radiofrequency admittance level meter is a new level control technology with anti-hanging, more reliable, more accurate, and wider applicability.


Damped Rotation Level Guage

  1. The imported motor has reliable performance and can run continuously for a long time;
  2. The unique oil seal design can prevent dust from going in through the axial.
  3. The transmission shaft adopts three bearing supports, which makes the operation more reliable;
  4. The torque is stable and reliable and adjustable;
  5. The electromechanical separation structure, integral non-disassembly easy maintenance;
  6. When the blades bear a heavy load, the motor rotation mechanism will automatically slip, protect from damage;
  7. Connection specifications, blades, length can be customized.


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