Rotor quantitative feeding scale is a new generation of powder quantitative batching systems, which is developed on the basis of our years of studying and practical experience. It can be used for continuous feeding and dynamic weighing of jet, non-jet, powder materials, and has a wide range of applications in cement, chemical, steel plants, power stations, and other industries, especially in the dosing of fly ash. Its control system has advantages over other measurement methods, such as energy-saving, consumption reduction, and stable working.

A variety of feeding modes can be adopted, such as rotor feeder + rotor scale mode, double tube screw feeder + rotor scale mode, etc.


  1. The design of X-type reed for weighing mechanism makes the force of the reed is more even, with better linearity and repeatability. The internal takes special technology, anti-adhesion treatment, tight sealing, zero stability. It could measure directly the quality of the material in the rotor, with dynamic zero compensation function and high measurement accuracy;
  2. Driving modes: Double tube double drive, Double tube single drive, Single tube single drive;
  3. The drive motor is equipped with a vector frequency converter, which has perfect protection and frequency control function. And the adjustment range can reach 1:10;
  4. The unique multi-layered structure design is not only helpful to the jet material but also minimize the impact of blockage caused by the moisture, with good sealing performance, no powder leakage, or dust flying phenomenon;
  5. The steady flow design of double tube double drive can avoid powder spurting and gush effectively;
  6. Special treatment of spiral blades, with the advantages of wear-resistant, steady flow, and material resistance;
  7. The main mechanical driving device adopts original imported products, integrated direct-connected reducer motor with the advantages of low noise, low vibration, dust resistance, long service life, and high reliability;
  8. The structure protection and operation protection of scale are complete, and it's easy to install, maintain daily operation and production;
  9. Screw feeder and rotor scale can be combined or used separately;
  10. The control system adopts original imported or domestic weighing instruments, which are equipped with a communication interface and can be connected to the factory control network.



Pass-type belt scale is designed for continuous measurement of belt conveying system. The equipment does not need a drag part. Its attached structure avoids damage and modification of conveying frame during installation. It can also complete closed-loop control and quantitative feeding with a belt conveying motor frequency converter.


Pass type belt scale is ideal weighing equipment for continuous measurement of belt conveying system, with the advantages of simple, accurate, stable use, convenient operation, and less maintenance.



Electronic belt scale is dynamic weighing equipment used for continuous conveying, dynamic measurement, and control feeding of various block and granular materials. As an automatic control device of dynamic continuous measurement and batching, it provides accurate measurement data and control methods for production control and management of various industrial sites


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